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About IGMDb

Welcome to the Internet Gay Movie Database ("IGMDb"). Your online source for LGBT themed movie news and information.

Why IGMDb?
There are a lot of online resources to find news and information on gay themed movies and on movies of LGBT interest. But in most cases these sites have an agenda, like listing only the titles they can sell from their cataloque. This makes these sites incomplete and you might be missing out on something special. We also found that many promising gay resources have become static over time, and out of date.

What makes IGMDb special?
This site is build around a dedicated social network that keeps improving and expanding the IGMDb. There are syndication options to use the IGMDb for your own blog or website. Create your own profile and meet new like-minded people who share the same passion.

What holds the future for IGMDb?
We focus on bringing you new and enhanced features. We hope you will find this resource useful. Right now we are in a startup phase. So make sure to check back regularly for updates and new features.

--The IGMDb Team